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What Would Happen...?


What would happen

if you removed the word « anxious »

and just paid attention?


What would happen

if you took away the concept « lonely »

and simply became fascinated

with this heavy feeling in the heart area?


What would happen

if you deleted the image « sick » or « broken » or « bad »

and just got curious about

the tightness in the throat

the pressure in the head

the ache in the shoulders?


What would happen

if you stopped looking for solutions

and checked to see

if there was actually a problem?


Come out of the exhausting storyline, my friend.

It 's not true. It was never true.

Commit sacred attention to a single moment.

Come closer to yourself.

Bring warmth to the tender places.


It 's never as bad as you think.

And always, always more alive.



Jeff Foster

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